geb. 14.08.2010

 Ch. Nobility Alamo Bay  HD: B

 Babbacombe Chequers           HD: Tc

 Ch. Chriscaro Charlock at                 Merrythorpe                                HD:  2:3

 Potterdale Maestro at Mybeards

 Ch. Potterdale Philosopher

 Ch. Tamevalley Easter Song of         Potterdale

 Ch. Chriscaro Chianti

Ch. Orora´s Frank

Lincalder Wild Thyme at Chriscaro

 Gildenmede Goodnight Girl           HD: 6:3

 Moonhill Knight of the Stars

 Ch. Scapafield Starry Knight at Sunnyvale

 Ch. Moonhill´s Coming up Roses

 Ch. Gildenmede Ghiselle

 Ch. Potterdale Philosopher

 Binbusy Dilettante of Gildenmede

 Nobility Hurdy the               Highness                              HD: B

 Ch. Dearbolt Christopher Robin

 Ch. Orora´s Impetuosity

 Ch. Orora´s Huckleberry

 Orora´s Honesty

 Dearbolt Lady Cordelia

 Ch. Edenborough Star Turn at Beagold

 Ch. Dearbolt Lady Ancorrie

 Ch. Easy Expression the Nobility  HD: B

 Ch. Blizzard of Pribardom

 Ch. Mitchell´s Barney

 Ch. Beagold Emma Jean

 Alissa vom Kleinen Hobbit

 Ch. Davealex Willy Wumpkins

 Davealex Super Star

 Downtown´s        Nancy        HD: A

 Fortune´s Favourite Drake   HD:  A

 Ch. Potterdale Double Diamond HD: A

 Potterdale Anderson at                Ramsgrove

 Pepperland Andy Panda at Ramsgrove

 Potterdale Prelude

 Ch. Blumberg Hadriana at            Potterdale

 Blumberg de Roos Erasmus

 Chloe of Blumberg

 Lissie vom Elsterstein

 Ch. Orora´s Jack Frost

 Orora´s Huckleberry

 Sigismund Royal Frolic at Orora

 Catja vom Elsterstein

 Cloudy Skye of Dunsinane

 Banacek Lucy Locket

 Downtown´s  Donna             HD: A

 Ch. Willowmead Star Turn          HD: B

 Ch. Sammara Standing Ovation

 Potterdale Encore

 Willowmead Simply Super

 Willowmead Touch of Class

 Charncroft Captain Cook at Whistbrae

 Willowmead Touch of Magic

 Downtown´s Alice                        HD:  B

 Ch. Potterdale Equality                 HD: B

 Coalacre Curiosity

Potterdale Prelude

 Fortune´s Favourite Be my Baby  HD:  A

 Ch. Potterdale Double Diamond

 Lissie vom Elsterstein

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