Downtown«s Q-Wurf


Ch. Moonspell born of Nobility
Vilmorin DramatisationCh. Desborough Dramatist at AllhikerCh. Sammara Standing Ovation
Ch. Shilstone Minuet of Desborough
Vilmorin Just ImagineTambora Hot Shot
Ororas Thistle of Vilmorin
Allhikers Joyance with MoonspellPipadene ImpulsePipadene Super Bear
Pipadene Fleur
Vilmorin Felicitation by AllhikerCh. Desborough Dramatist at Allhiker
Vilmorin Forest Flower
Downtown«s Linda-Lou
Ch. Nobility O«ConnorCh. Pahari L`the PaganCh. Sammra`s Night Cap
Ch. Sunbree Special Moments of Pahari
Nobility Hurdy the HighnessCh. Dearbolt Christopher Robin
Ch. Easy Expression the Nobility
Downtown`s AliceCh. Potterdale EqualityCh. Coalacre Curiosity
Ch. Potterdale Prelude
Fortune`s Favourite Be my BabyCh. Potterdale Double Diamond
Lissie vom Elsterstein
Q-Wurf Ahnentafel